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As a former corporate climber in the media world turned online entrepreneur and chief bottle washer, I’m here to help other mums keep their side hustle going at home. For so many new mums, the choice between staying at home with their babies and going back to work isn’t a choice at all.


They’ve put their heart and soul into building a side hustle they love, but without a launch platform, it often can’t replace the income from their career, and they’re forced to return to the office.


Choosing between your life as a stay-at-home mum and a fulfilling career is tough – so choose not to choose. Let me help you bring your business to the world and build a life you love in the process. 

Who am I?

I’m Cassandra aka mumma jones – a small town girl living in a big world, supporting my family (and yours) in every way I can. I spent more than 10 years climbing the corporate ladder in Sydney, working hard and living fast, until I finally burnt out. 


At the time, it seemed like there were only two options: I could have a career, or be a full-time mumma and spend as much time as possible with my babies – and I saw many of the women around me being forced to make the same decision. 


Then I noticed women on maternity leave would create really cool side hustles to bring in an extra income, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to supplement their income from their former careers, and they were forced to leave their children and return to the daily grind once their maternity leave was over.  

Who am I?

This trend fueled my desire to create a central platform where mums and their businesses could thrive and flourish. These women bring such pure talent, intelligence and kindness to the world, and I’m on a mission to  support and empower them on their business journeys so they can have choice and freedom.

Creating mumma jones

Now creating mumma jone tone was the easy part. mumma jones was inspired by my own mother – the most caring and supportive woman I know – and I can only hope that the women I support will feel even a fraction of the love and support I experienced growing up. 


Think of mumma jones as the best friend, mentor and business partner you always need. She has your back, supports you when the chips are down, motivates you daily and is committed to helping you create a life of freedom, choice, and legacy.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping by and supporting our beautiful mumma brands and businesses.

Cassandra and the mumma jones team x

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